Planetary Guidance

Planetary Guidance

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A lot of folks are into astrology, but it can be overwhelming to get into the nitty gritty, and that’s where a details freak can help you out. I love digging into the details, and I love how tarot can help us intuitively understand the complex nuances of our natal charts in a manageable way. If you’re curious about how a particular planet is affecting you (either now or more generally in life), you may benefit from an in-depth reading via the tarot into the specifics of your chart. The focus will be one “planet,” but you may list additional areas of interest on the form. If you want to learn more about many planets, a live reading by phone or by video may be the most efficient option.

Note. This is not a full astrological reading. It’s a fine-grain look through the tarot at one or more planetary aspects of your personal natal chart. Just as I don’t read tarot for people other than the requesting client, I won’t do that for astrology.

The deck pictured here is from the Fountain Tarot; created by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro; and published by Roost Books, © 2017. All rights reserved.

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My tarot readings should be considered opportunities to engage the mind in new ways. They should not be considered substitutes for professional services, such as financial, legal, or medical advice, or psychological counseling or therapy. They are also not guarantees about future events. The readings are tools that you can choose to use in part or in whole (or not at all). I encourage you to read more about my tarot practice and my list of frequently asked questions.

After you have purchased a reading and after I have finalized the question(s) to be asked, you can expect your reading to be emailed within the next 5 days.