The Sky Dazzler Challenge

I’m now more than half-way through a year of zodiacal challenges made up of ten divinatory exercises and self-reflection prompts. I’ve learned a lot since deciding, on the spur of the moment, to create one for Aquarius. What a bizarre idea that seemed at the time, but I’m glad that I took the plunge into that starry night sea.

The past six months have taught me a lot about astrology, divination challenges, and the process of virtually guiding strangers through self-reflection and goal-setting exercises. For this seventh challenge, I decided to go back to a better format for Instagram rather than building out a workbook and then trying to squeeze it into an Instagram format.

I still have yet to complete one of the workbooks within the actual month in which it’s most relevant, so I’ve stopped fighting that particular battle. Once I’ve gone through a full year of challenges, I should be able to work on the workbooks in a reasonable and thoughtful way that doesn’t feel more stressful to me than useful to anyone else. Waiting for a full year had been my goal from the outset, but I tried to steamroll ahead despite a ridiculous schedule. And since my schedule isn’t getting better any time soon, I’d rather not waste energy feeling bad about a goal I can’t reasonably expect to meet.

So rather than long-ass prompts with a separate picture and post each day, I’ve plopped them all into one flaggable post. Hopefully more people find it easy to keep up to date without losing the depth of previous challenges. And since they’re all published already on my Instagram page, I thought I’d share them all with you here.

Leo is full of life force, fun, creativity, heart, inner child, personal light, aspirations, and a focus on self, oh my! And this challenge incorporates all of those. If you want to see how I get a little more in-depth with these prompts, check out my posts each day. And as with last season, I use the terminology for cards, but you can use whatever divinatory implements you want.

With most of these exercises, you’re doing simple question and answer tarot card pulls, but some are a little more involved. (And one involves no new cards!) Many refer back to previous card pulls, so keep track of those. Don’t feel like you have to keep them out when not doing the readings though; do what works for you. As in past challenges, you’ll use these previous cards as visual aides to interpreting your new pulls. I’m re-writing the exercises briefly below in case you can’t read the image clearly. But comment to let me know if you have any questions.



Find your favorite Lust/Strength/Force card (the major arcanum for Leo) and use it to help you interpret two cards that you draw from the deck.

~V.1: What gives me life?

~V.2: How do I return the favor?


Find your favorite Sun card (the ruling planet of Leo) & your V.1 card, and use them to help you interpret a card that you draw from the. deck.

~S.H: What’s the Higher verson of what gives me life (the V.1 card)?


We will do some chakra work to center ourselves, draw a card, and then create something.

Chakra work: Place your palms together with thumbs at your solar plexus. Breathe in and out slowly. Imagine gold light filling you. Then open your hands into a lotus mudra position (Google can show you better than I can tell you) and shift your hands up a few inches to the level of your heart. As you breathe, imagine green light filling you.

Draw a Card: Once at rest, draw a card. Imagine your gold and green light going into the card.

Create something inspired: Let the card inspire you to sing, write, draw, dance, or whatever fills you.


We will examine our natal charts and then draw cards to better understand it.

Natal Chart Review: Get out that chart or have it printed up for you (there are plenty of good free options if that’s all you want). Look at the following: What planets are in Leo? Which House does Leo rule? Where is the Sun? What planets are in House 5? These are all astrological associations with Leo. Dig in. See what you like. See what you hate. Reflect on it.

Then draw three cards as you ask, ”What are my natal strengths?”


Get that Sun card out again and use it to help you interpret two cards that you draw from the deck.

~P: What is something of which I’m proud but that I don’t show?

~X.P: What prevents me from letting my pride see the light of day?


Bring out your S.H card from Exercise 2 (High Spirits) and use it to help you interpret two cards that you draw from the deck.

~G.1: To what do I aspire?

~G.2: What aspiration is in alignment with my highest self?


We’re drawing three fresh cards from the deck with this one.

~C.1: How is my Inner Child doing?

~C.2: How can I bring it proper joy?

~C.3: When should I let it run free? (This card doesn’t have to be a Sensory Cue card, but a sensory cue exercise could work well here.)


Holy moly. We’re getting out eight cards from the previous exercises and looking at their interplay before digging into some shadow work with two freshly drawn cards. If you drew the same card for any of these eight positions, that’s just an extra nugget of analysis and self-reflection for you. Feel free to replace it with a similar card or just leave one of the spaces blank.

~On the top row, we have S.H (from Ex 2), P (from Ex 5), G.2 (from Ex 6), and C.2 (from Ex 7).

~On the next row, we have V.1 (from Ex 1), X.P (from. Ex 5), G.1 (from Ex 6), and C.1 (from Ex 7).

Then we draw two cards from the deck and consider the other eight cards as we dig into some shadow work.

~D.1: What shadow is the root of my desire?

~D.2: How can I work with that shadow?


Get your Sun card, your S.H card (from Exercise 2), and your. D.1 and D.2 cards from Exercise 8 (Shadow Play), and study them. Write down 3 specific, actionable, and measurable goals that you can accomplish in the next month to work with the shadow behind your desires. Shadows provide power as well as weakness.


Bring out your Strength / Lust / Force card and your Sun card one last time to help you determine an appropriate affirmation for embodying their power. You will then draw a card to provide you with sensory cues (see explanation in “Sensory Cues and Intuition”) to help remind you of your ability to wield that power in everyday life.

~I: What in my everyday life will help remind me of this power?


Sensory cues are sensations that you experience in your day-to-day life  (sounds, images, textures, emotions, scents) that your intuition (or angels or whatever) can bring to your attention in order to send a message or guide you (like the “hotter / colder” searching game). To help you help your intuition guide you to the things you care most about (in this case it’s the values we’re talking about), you can ask yourself what will help remind you of something or what will help you know you’re on the right track toward something and pull a card/rune/book passage/etc. You then focus on that thing and enter into its world. You “look around” within that world, you “listen” within that world, you “smell” whatever’s in that world, you “touch” that world, you “taste” what’s in that world, and you “feel” (in an emotional way) what’s in that world. Not all senses will be triggered, but the idea is to collect a lot of details from the world of the card/rune/book passage/etc. so that you have concrete touch points for your intuition to draw your attention to in the real world, like breaking glass or the smell of vanilla or whatever. You are not limited to what is depicted on the card. If you see a swan in the card, but when you go into that world you see a goose and it caws like a crow, then you keep the visual cue of the goose and the auditory cue of the crow, ignoring the swan altogether. The next time you notice a goose or a crow’s cawing, you will (hopefully) be reminded of your conscious values or you will be encouraged to know that you’re on the right track to connecting with your higher value. Does that make sense? If not, let me know.