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Tarot Spread: Deck Interview

For a while I’ve used the same tarot deck interview spread, but I found that I could never get much useful information out of the oracle decks I interviewed, so I decided to make a new interview spread. Originally I was planning it for oracle decks, but it works for tarot decks too. Try it out!

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Tarot Spread: Hermit's Guidance

This spread is for the person who has recognized that they have gotten lost somewhere and they want to find their way out, but they’re stumbling in the dark, and they’re just exhausting themselves, so they need someone to help them find the way forward.

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Tarot Spread: Exploring Potential Shifts

Most people I know have often wondered whether they should “stick it out,” whatever that long-term “it” is. At these times it’s useful to get a reality check, so I’ve developed a tarot spread to help.

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