The Star Seeker Challenge Begins

Instagram has a vibrant community of tarot readers and other intuitive types. Many readers often participate in week- or month-long challenges that have them asking their decks things that they might not think to ask otherwise. For example, I participated (off and on) in a challenge about fear, which is something I’m fortunate to say that I don’t have to think about a lot. I’ve found some to be very inspiring and affecting, like the Spirit Guide challenge I referenced in my guide post (“My Guide, My Self”), and others have been tiresome or confusing in their vagueness, while still more have just been an exercise to draw cards in a certain theme. That last type is easiest to follow along with and thus fairly satisfying in giving a sense of accomplishment and practice reading, but I can’t say I’ve necessarily gone back to think deeply about any of those readings.


As a way to challenge myself and other readers to build something specific for themselves, I introduced a 10-day, iterative tarot challenge based on Aquarius and the Star card of the tarot, which is tied to Aquarius: the Star Seeker Challenge. The challenge hasn’t exactly taken off, but for those of us who have done even parts of it, I think it’s been very instructive. And for the few of us who have done all or most of it, it’s been quite eye-opening. I know I’ve grown from it in ways I didn’t expect, and I don’t just mean from having to organize the logistics, from which I also grew. As a challenge about Aquarian thinking, it was focused on hope, inspiration, and problem-solving, so I got to flex those muscles as expected. But there have been some deep moments of connection with my decks, and there have also been some feelings dredged up from the past that aren’t resolved.

I might have gone too far in the opposite direction from the lack of reflection and the vagueness of some other challenges’ prompts to an overwhelming text wall of ideas and prompting, but I don’t regret that. What I learned from the challenge was not to bother with half measures. (I would make a pun about baking here, but I think it might land awkwardly, so just note that it could exist.)

I could go into the details of each of the ten days here, but it’s spelled out already in my Instagram posts, which are easily accessible through my Highlighted Story “Star Seeker,” featured on my profile @hermitsmirror (and for those who don’t know, you can view Instagram profiles and feeds through a web browser). When it’s all said and done, I’ll be sure to post a more detailed reflection.

UPDATE: I started another challenge before posting the reflection for this one, so I’ll actually reflect on both when that one is done.