New General Reading: The Fool’s Forecast

Those who are familiar with my readings know that I like to get detailed. I typically have specific questions, and I draw a card to answer each of those questions. I think that specific questions lend themselves well to specific answers, and specific answers are more actionable than more general insights. Since I like helping people make change for themselves, it’s only natural that I would tend toward such questions. 

As such, I tend to avoid general readings. Even my “Readings by Pattern Spread” include specific positions and meanings for each of the cards drawn. Each one varies more than the offerings in “Common Concerns” since the same spread can be used for a range of question types or areas of concern, but even then each card is included for a specific purpose. And they tend to be larger readings lending themselves to very deep readings.


But not everyone needs that kind of in-depth reading. Sometimes a client just wants a quick general reading to see what could be coming their way. This can feel “predictive,” and since I can’t claim to be psychic, offering predictive readings for the sole purpose of showing what’s coming seems less inherently valuable to me than offering a way to look at potential actions one could take on upcoming issues. So after some soul-searching, discussion with clients, and plenty of cards beating me over the head with the idea, I’ve started to see the potential value that a brief “forecast” can offer as long as it’s taken in the spirit of the Fool, someone who is ready to start a new journey, a new exploration. 

So that’s why, even though I don’t do “general readings,” I’m offering up the Fool’s Forecast. You can find it on my Available Tarot Readings page under “Common Concerns.”

As with others of my favorite little spreads, it’s a three-card spread to give a good sense of trajectory, from past through present to future. But it isn’t quite as specific as that since the general read of it will require a more immediate interpretation. For some situations, the message might be based on three time periods, on others based on three people, and on others still just based on the story of the cards as they fall into their unspecified positions. Who knows what will emerge? It’s the start of the Fool’s Journey, and there’s only one way forward.

The cards depicted here are from the Fountain Tarot, created by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, and Andi Todaro and published by Roost Books, © 2017.