The Earth Shaker Challenge

As I did for the last three astrological seasons, I’ve created a divination challenge for connecting with Taurus, my own sun sign. Building off of the lessons I learned from the previous three challenges, I’ve made this one less overtly based on any one system. And it is intended to be completed with any divination tool, not just a tarot deck. If at times it feels inspired by tarot, that’s because tarot is the system with which I am most familiar, by a factor of about 20.

All of the prompts and spreads are on my Instagram page, and you can find them all through my Highlights Story called “Earth Shaker ♉️,” which also includes my own posts in response to the challenge (incidentally, you can find the prompts and my posts for all the other challenges in their own Highlights). But because I want people to be able to connect more deeply with these challenges than suits Instagram, I am also designing a workbook to go with this challenge. It was supposed to be released May 1, but it’s still in the works because of the same interruptions in everyday life that have prevented me from posting about this challenge here sooner. (Whoops!) Hopefully it (and a new Gemini challenge workbook) will be ready by the time Gemini rolls around. What can I say? Life happens to me too.

The ten prompts draw on the role of Taurus as the fixed sign of earth, a grounding force that connects heaven and earth and all of that combined complexity. This stems from my interpretation of the Hierophant in tarot (the major arcanum representing Taurus in the Thoth system). The Hierophant is a card with which I and many other progressive tarot readers have struggled, but as with the Emperor and Aries, I’ve come to understand the old man better over time. However, the challenge does not require knowledge of the tarot and the Hierophant, and it doesn’t require your having a tarot deck; that was just my inspiration.

All the challenge requires is a divination tool of some kind (even a playlist of song titles you can randomly shuffle works) and some time to consider and reflect how the divined answers correspond with your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

The ten prompts begin with establishing a value for which you stand and how you can protect or uplift that before moving into some of the astrological associations of Taurus, from the esoteric to the very worldly. Then we reconnect with the spiritual purpose for those material connections and take time to reflect before rousing our energy in order to plan proactively for how we want to drive our values forward.

Since the posts are already available on Instagram, and that is available via website (not just the app), I’m not going to repost the instructions here. I will, however, post the links to each day’s prompt here for convenience:

Day 1: Standing Your Ground

Day 2: Guardian at the Temple

Day 3: At Home with Taurus

Day 4: A Land of Milk & Honey

Day 5: Heaven on Earth

Day 6: Two Ears, One Mouth

Day 7: Voice Activation

Day 8: Seeing Red

Day 9: Unearthing What Matters

Day 10: Breaking New Ground